An Event in Sheffield For Every Day In July (2017)

July seems to be a month for athleticism. Not only do we have Cliffhanger taking over the city center, giving everyone and their mothers an excuse to move-move their bodies, the pros will be putting the rest of us to shame several times over — there’s the British Bouldering Championships, the cycling Grand Prix, diving, […]

10 Famous People You Could Spot in Sheffield

Get out your bird watching log books and replace Garden Warbler with Def Leppard. Here are ten famous faces whose faces you could see around Sheffield. “Sean Bean has been seen.” That’s what my grandpa said after the Game of Thrones actor came into his local pub. Maybe that’s something a lot of Sheffield drinkers can […]

Differences between hotels and serviced apartments

A serviced apartment and hotel are in many regards very similar. You might say that a serviced apartment is one type of hotel.  Consider that in both cases: You book at a nightly rate. You check-in to collect your keys at a reception. You stay in a building segregated into many individual rooms or apartments. […]

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