Places to visit in and around Sheffield with kids this Summer

Exploring Sheffield with your children this summer? Look no further! We understand that planning family outings can sometimes turn into a research frenzy, so our team at Williams Apartments has come to the rescue with an extensive A-Z list of fantastic places to visit in and around Sheffield with your kids. We hope this guide helps you save time and make the most of your summer adventures.

A – Alfred Denny Museum Website: Alfred Denny Museum

Let’s kick off with something both educational and intriguing—the Alfred Denny Museum. Nestled in Sheffield, this hidden gem is a well-kept secret for many locals. Established in 1905 and named after Alfred Denny, the department’s first biology professor, the museum houses a captivating collection of specimens, some dating back to the early 1900s, during the heyday of scientific exploration.

This museum has played a pivotal role in undergraduate education for over a century. Now, they’re inviting children from city schools to “become a scientist” through their inspirational outreach programs. You can explore the Alfred Denny Museum on the first Saturday of every month with guided tours available at 10am, 11am, and 12pm.

B – Botanical Gardens Website: Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Sheffield offer a lush and vibrant escape from the urban hustle and bustle. These gardens are a serene oasis of beauty and biodiversity, making it a perfect place to spend quality time with your kids this summer. Explore a wide variety of plants, including exotic species, and take leisurely strolls among fragrant blooms.

The Botanical Gardens host special events and exhibitions throughout the summer, making every visit a unique experience. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy a family lunch on the pristine lawns. There’s also a charming glass pavilion where you can indulge in delicious refreshments.

C – Chatsworth House Website: Chatsworth House

If you’re up for a short drive from Sheffield, Chatsworth House is a must-visit destination for families. This magnificent stately home, located in the heart of the Peak District, boasts stunning architecture, breathtaking gardens, and a rich history that will captivate both kids and adults.

Explore the extensive gardens, which include a maze, a delightful farmyard with adorable animals, and a playground for the little ones to burn off energy. Chatsworth House often hosts family-friendly events, so be sure to check their calendar for special activities during your visit.

D – Doncaster Wildlife Park Website: Doncaster Wildlife Park

For a memorable wildlife encounter, take a short drive to the Doncaster Wildlife Park. This expansive park is home to a diverse range of animals from around the world. Children will have the opportunity to see majestic big cats, playful lemurs, and curious meerkats up close.

The park offers informative talks and feeding sessions throughout the day, allowing kids to learn about conservation efforts and animal behaviours. It’s an educational and entertaining day out that’s sure to leave your little ones with lasting memories.

E – Ecclesall Woods Website: Ecclesall Woods

If your kids are nature enthusiasts, Ecclesall Woods is a fantastic place to immerse them in the great outdoors. Located just a stone’s throw from Sheffield’s city centre, these ancient woodlands provide a peaceful escape into nature.

You can take guided family walks, participate in bushcraft workshops, or simply enjoy a leisurely hike amidst the tall trees and tranquil streams. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, and don’t forget to bring along a picnic to enjoy in the serene surroundings.

F – Forge Dam Park Website: Forge Dam Park

Forge Dam Park is a picturesque spot for a family outing. Located in the heart of Sheffield, it offers a tranquil lake, woodlands, and a charming café. You can feed the ducks, enjoy a leisurely walk, or even try your hand at pond dipping to discover the fascinating aquatic life.

G – Graves Park Website: Graves Park

Graves Park is a vast and diverse parkland in Sheffield. It features a fantastic animal farm, where kids can interact with farm animals like goats, sheep, and pigs. There’s also a large playground, spacious green areas for picnics, and a beautiful rose garden to explore.

H – Heeley City Farm Website: Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm is an urban oasis that offers a unique opportunity for children to get up close and personal with farm animals. Kids can pet and feed the animals, and there’s a playground and café on-site for added enjoyment.

I – Ice Sheffield Website: Ice Sheffield

For a cool summer activity, head to Ice Sheffield. This ice skating rink offers public skating sessions suitable for all ages and skill levels. It’s a fun way to beat the heat and try something new.

J – Jungle Mania Website: Jungle Mania

If you’re looking for an indoor adventure, Jungle Mania is a fantastic choice. This indoor soft play center features slides, climbing frames, and ball pits, providing hours of entertainment for energetic kids.

K – Kelham Island Museum Website: Kelham Island Museum

Kelham Island Museum is a great place to explore Sheffield’s industrial heritage. Kids can discover vintage machinery, learn about the city’s history, and even ride a historic tram. The museum often hosts family-friendly events and activities.

L – Longshaw Estate Website: Longshaw Estate

Just a short drive from Sheffield, Longshaw Estate is a haven for nature lovers. Families can enjoy scenic walks, picnics, and wildlife spotting in this stunning National Trust property.

M – Magna Science Adventure Centre Website: Magna Science Adventure Centre

Magna is an awe-inspiring science centre located in nearby Rotherham. It’s an interactive experience that explores the wonders of science and technology through hands-on exhibits. Children can unleash their curiosity and engage in a range of exciting experiments.

N – Norfolk Heritage Park Website: Norfolk Heritage Park

Norfolk Heritage Park offers a peaceful escape from the city. It’s an ideal spot for family picnics, leisurely walks, and enjoying the beautiful gardens and playgrounds.

O – Outdoor Activities at Rother Valley Country Park Website: Rother Valley Country Park

Rother Valley Country Park is an adventure playground with water sports, cycling trails, and outdoor activities galore. Kids can try their hand at kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply enjoy the lakeside scenery.

P – Peak District National Park Website: Peak District National Park

Sheffield is on the doorstep of the Peak District, offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Hiking, cycling, and picnicking in this stunning national park are perfect summer activities for the whole family.

Q – Quarry Park Website: Quarry Park

For a day trip, consider Quarry Park in Shrewsbury. This beautiful park features a large playground, a miniature railway, and scenic riverside walks.

R – Rivelin Valley Nature Trail Website: Rivelin Valley Nature Trail

Explore the Rivelin Valley Nature Trail for a taste of wilderness right on Sheffield’s doorstep. This trail offers stunning woodland walks, streams, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration.

S – Sheffield Tropical Butterfly House Website: Tropical Butterfly House

Step into a tropical paradise at the Sheffield Tropical Butterfly House. Kids can marvel at exotic butterflies, encounter meerkats and birds of prey, and enjoy the adventure playground.

T – Treetop Nets Website: Treetop Nets

Treetop Nets in Sheffield is an exhilarating experience for children and adults alike. Bounce, swing, and explore high above the trees in these treetop nets—an adventure you won’t forget.

U – Ulley Country Park Website: Ulley Country Park

Ulley Country Park is perfect for a family day out. You can enjoy water activities, cycling, and scenic walks around the lake.

V – Victoria Quays Website: Victoria Quays

Victoria Quays is a picturesque spot in the heart of Sheffield. Stroll along the canal, watch the boats, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

W – Weston Park Museum Website: Weston Park Museum

Weston Park Museum offers a fascinating journey through Sheffield’s history. It’s an engaging place for kids to learn about the city’s past through interactive exhibits and displays.

X – eXplore Libraries Website: Sheffield Libraries

Explore your local library for a world of books, activities, and storytelling sessions. Many libraries in Sheffield offer summer reading programs and creative workshops for children.

Y – Yorkshire Wildlife Park Website: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A short drive from Sheffield, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a family favorite. Encounter animals from around the world, including polar bears and lions, in spacious, naturalistic enclosures.

Z – Zipline Adventures at Go Ape Website: Go Ape

For the adventurous family, Go Ape offers thrilling zipline and treetop adventures in the picturesque surroundings of Rivelin Valley. Swing through the trees and conquer obstacle courses for an action-packed day.

With this comprehensive list of places to explore in and around Sheffield, your family is sure to have an unforgettable summer full of fun, education, and adventure. Enjoy your summer outings!

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