How To Get To The Carpark

Nervous about navigating the streets of a new city? You’ve got reason to be! Experience tells us that driving is stressful, getting lost its easy, and looking for your hotel while children are complaining, or your stomach is rumbling, or a heavy suitcase is weighing you down — well, that’s no fun!
Let us take away some of that stress and guide you smoothly to your new home. Once you’re settled in, you’ll have more time to enjoy exploring the city properly.
In this guide you will find:
  • Photographed turn by turn directions to reach the Williams Apartments recommended parking when driving from outside Sheffield
  • Maps and directions showing how to get to William’s Apartments from the train or bus station, for those traveling in public transport

Driving to the carpark

Going anti clockwise round the ring road:

Most guests — specifically those coming from the north, south or east, for example those using the M1 — will want to come onto the Sheffield inner ring road, the A61, travelling anti-clockwise.

Here’s a map to help you get your bearings as your approach Sheffield:

Remember, these directions are taking you to the recommended third-party car park, which is about three minutes walk away from our hotel.

The address for this car park is:


Q-Park Riverside,

7 Millsands,

S3 8NH


You are looking for bridge-houses roundabout.

Straight ahead at the roundabout, second exit

Aside: If you are travelling around the ring road clockwise, simply turn around on when you get to the Bridgehouses roundabout. Here is a picture of the roundabout from that side:

Regardless of which direction you come from, after you exit the roundabout:

First left onto bridge street

You can also follow the signs for Riverside Parking from here.

First left onto Milsands

You have arrived:
Drive up to the shutters, and they will open automatically. Collect your ticket — you will pay when you take your car away again.
Remember that we supply discount vouchers that bring the price down to £6.50/24 hours. You can collect these vouchers at reception. To use them simply insert them into the machine before you inset your parking ticket when you pay for your parking.

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