Wondering what to buy as a souvenir from your visit to Sheffield?

Look no further than Bailey of Sheffield which is a short distance away from us at Portland Works. Having recently met the lovely owners at the Meadowhall Artisan Market and browsing there great products. I couldn’t resist but to order one there and then.

It’s been a month since I’ve purchased my Bailey stainless steel cable bracelet, a month in which I haven’t taken it off. I’ve had leather bracelets in the past and always found them a hassle to take on and off when washing. The stainless steel used is of the highest quality and can withstand daily wear with ease. Comfort was my initial scepticism of the product and they have proven me well and truly wrong. Having worn it constantly for past month on a daily basis I would highly recommend there Made in Sheffield Stainless Steel products. In fact I can’t wait to go back and purchase another.

“Bailey of Sheffield creates jewellery engineered to last a lifetime. For us, that doesn’t just mean durable high calibre materials or timeless design; it’s about understated pieces that adapt with you and your changing style. Each piece is all about you – a place to curate your own personal style – we just give you a firm, well forged foundation. Crafted from the highest quality marine grade 316L stainless steel, our range of customisable bracelets, collectable beads and the innovative pendant converter are all hand built in our workshop in Sheffield situated at Portland Works, the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing.”


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